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Life is hard for the children of Yerucham

Yerucham is an economically depressed town in the northern Negev and consists of many Israeli and immigrant families from Ethiopia, Ukraine and Russia.

Sadly, many of the children of Yerucham live in run-down housing. Many parents are unemployed and despondent – offering their children little hope for the future.

It’s therefore no surprise that many children in Yerucham underperform in school or drop out altogether.

About The Garden Classroom Initiative

Pioneered in 2014 in Kiryat Gat with overwhelming success, The Garden Classroom Initiative aims to foster and enrich learning among children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The program brings teachers, students, parents and community volunteers together to create something new . Teachers use the outdoor classroom to enrich the conventional curriculum and for fun, informal activities.

Instilling life skills, inspiration and hope

Garden Classrooms offer children a truly nurturing environment. But critically, the creation and upkeep of the classrooms themselves teach children invaluable life skills.

Children are involved in their formation from day one – discovering what it means to ‘get their hands dirty’ and to learn the value of responsibility, teamwork and perseverance.

What’s more, children discover a new-found love of learning and a passion for the environment. They become motivated to achieve. The Garden Classrooms really do give vulnerable children a new outlook on life.

Hameuchad Elementary School. Our next priority.

Hameuchad Elementary is a secular public school with 312 students from grades one to six. The school’s indoor and outdoor spaces are barren and sterile.

It’s easy to see why this school is our next priority.

As was once the case with the children of Kiryat Gat, the children of Hameuchad Elementary lack the motivation to learn and succeed. But it’s not too late. Building a Garden Classroom will give them a haven for learning and activity that could literally change the course of their lives.

Please help JNF create a new Garden Classroom at Hameuchad Elementary School. Together, we can give these children the social and emotional rehabilitation they so desperately need.

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