6 February 2022

Throughout JNF’s 120 year history our Green Sunday annual campaign has consistently raised funds for life-changing environmental projects for the Jewish people and our beloved Israel.

JNF’s Green Sunday Campaign is held each year in February to coincide with Tu Bishvat – A New Year for the Trees!

The campaign is supported by an annual telethon – a day of fun, community and solidarity.

In 2022, we are asking you to support Israel’s south with security planting.

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Security Planting in 3 Kibbutzim
Holit, Sufa and Kerem Shalom are 3 small Kibbutzim. Holit and Sufa were evacuated from Yamit in Sinai in 1982. Keren Shalom was closed in the mid 90’s and reopened in 2001. Geographically the kibbutzim are in an arid area at the beginning of the Negev desert. Minor precipitation and sandy soil are a challenge in improving the climate conditions for the local residents.

Front Line position for Security purposes

The 3 Kibbutzim are front line and placed 1- 1.5 km from the Gaza border. In the last rounds of fire the importance of trees as a protective line from the missiles was realised. According to research conducted in the Gaza strip, trees can absorb the shrapnel pieces and disturb the trajectory of the missiles causing them to explode away from the houses on the Kibbutz.

The mission for the residents of this area

Over the years these 3 kibbutzim have increased their residents, yet the safety of these areas is of utmost importance.

Kibbutz Holit, has gone through several processes to increase its resident numbers. They have recently completed the development and infrastructure for a new neighbourhood of 53 units and have finished building 12 new units. It has been estimated that to improve the conditions on the Kibbutz, they will need to plant 2000 trees for their security, particularly around the border of the Kibbutz which is very sparse in trees.

Kibbutz Sufah is home to approximately 40 families. The support from Green Sunday 2022, will advance the kibbutz towards their goals and help the Kibbtuz absorb more families and continue to make the Negev flourish.

Throughout the years of Kerem Shalom, the Kibbutz suffered from its proximity to the border, to the point of erecting a concrete wall that encircles the western part of the Kibbutz adjacent to the border.

In recent years, more than 500 trees have been planted in Kerem Shalom, but the work is still extensive. In order to produce a protective shell for the residents, many more trees must be planted. Each tree provides protection against missile shrapnel.

Your generosity today will support all 3 kibbutzim along the borders. Together, we can create the security fences required, to ensure a safer place to live.

Thank you for your ongoing and much-appreciated support.

Ronit Fraid, President JNF Victoria

Belinda El Boher, Green Sunday Chairperson Victoria


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SufahKerem Shalom

3 Kibbutzim for Security Planting
Sufah, Holit and Kerem Shalom

The project will involve planting an extensive amount of trees on the borders of all 3 Kibbutzim.

Hofim, Shofah & Kerem Shalom are 3 Kibbutzim, located right on the borders of the Gaza Strip.  For the sake of their Security, planting trees, creates a protective shell and trees also provide protection against missile shrapnel. 


Volunteers are the lifeline of our organisation and the secret to our success!

Please join us for a day of fun, community and solidarity – all in the name of Israel.

If you are Year 9 or above, we would really appreciate your help to call the community on Green Sunday in support of this vital project.

Training will be provided and call scripts available to support you.

Sunday 6 February 2022| Shifts run from 9:00am to 7:30pm | Location advised upon registration

Together we are providing a safer and brighter future for Israel’s Southern communities and realising Ben Gurion’s Vision