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The aim of the YSHC project is to provide a comforting environment and free accommodation to enable families to care for their sick relatives, and return them as soon as possible to their own homes, thus reducing the burden on the Israeli medical system and assisting families far from home.

In the centre of Jerusalem, a stone’s throw from Yad Sarah House, the Shaare Zedek Medical Center serves the people of the capital. People of all ages pass through its emergency room every week and many more are hospitalised within its many departments. They arrive accompanied by worried family members, fearful about the condition of their loved ones, waiting sometimes for hours or days for the results of tests or a definitive diagnosis.

The demand for guest rooms where families of hospitalised patients can wait while maintaining their dignity and comfort is growing. The opening of Yad Sarah’s first three guest rooms has shown how important it is to provide these families with a tranquil environment to give them the strength – both physical and emotional – to deal with a difficult situation. In addition, the guest rooms at Yad Sarah provide a welcome respite to observant families in need of a place to stay on Shabbat to be near their hospitalised loved ones.

After establishing the Hospitality Center with three beautifully furnished and comfortable rooms, Yad Sarah plans on adding additional rooms to meet the growing need.


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