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Thomas has generously requested, for his Bar Mitzvah, that donations in lieu of gifts be directed to Atidim – The Pirchei Handassah –
Agriculture, Water and Ecology – Excellence Program

ATIDIM is a national program developing human resources by creating educational opportunities. It strives to create an equal-opportunity environment where Israeli youth, whether from the Northern tip of Israel or from the outskirts of the desert in the Negev, can have the same prospects as youth from the center.

The program is aimed at helping youth, aged 13-18, achieve an advanced environment/science-oriented high-school diploma.

The geographical region of the Spring Valley, Jordan Valley and the Sea of Galilee Basin serves as an infrastructure for engaging in the field of agriculture, water and land technologies. The combination of agricultural communities, local industries in the fields of bio-agriculture and water technologies makes the region unique.

The Pirchei Handassah agriculture, water and the environment program is designed to stimulate the imagination and curiosity of youth in relation to the worlds of science and technology in the fields of water conservation as part of the effort to sustain the regional environment and to strengthen it over the long term.

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