Project Description

“The Gazelle Valley’s guiding principles are revolutionary in terms of Israeli Urban public spaces, a nature reserve in the middle of Jerusalem. It is one of the biggest and most important Jerusalem projects in recent years. It marks the direction we want to take, developing nature sites together with the community, with the backing of many municipal entities working together to enhance the environment and protect Jerusalem’s flora and fauna.”

As part of our 2015 Major Donor Campaign, JNF supported the last significant park in Jerusalem, the Gazelle Valley Park. The Park will secure, for generations to come, a welcome respite for many underprivileged families and children, in the surrounding area.

Several years ago the Gazelle Valley Park was in danger of being destroyed by development. The effects could have been devastating but thankfully, through the support of our Major Donors, we have begun to transform this space into a truly unique and precious national treasure.

Work has commenced on one of the two outdoor classrooms, also funded by JNF Major Donors. The construction will be completed in a few weeks and construction of the additional outdoor classrooms is expected to start in the next few months.

In addition, the recently completed Great Meadow, funded by you and other major Donors, is undergoing extensive grooming. As the weather warms, families will begin to come together to enjoy the beautiful open spaces irrespective of their circumstances or backgrounds. These families will also be able to enjoy a variety of free outdoor activities, or just relax under shaded trees for a quiet picnic.

The park has already become a welcome respite for many of the disadvantaged children living in the surrounding densely populated neighbourhoods.

Our support of the Gazelle Valley Park is part of our commitment to improving the lives of families in many of Israel’s most deserving communities.

Thank you for making a difference.

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