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Each year, hundreds of students with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) graduate high school in Israel. While most of their peers continue on to the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), these graduates are exempt. Because this army service is both a social and professional “rite of passage,” many on the ASD spectrum have a strong desire to serve their country.

“Roim Rachok,” which literally means “looking far beyond the horizons,” is a program where the basic principal is a real need combined with real capabilities which will create actual integration that will last in the long term.

JNF Australia, Roim Rachok and the environment

Israel environment is special from Desert terrain in the south to natural forests in the north. Keeping this unique environment for future generations is a challenging mission. Information and advance monitoring are key components that will enable us to achieve this goal. Skillful and experienced Aerial Photo Analysts and Information Specialists can add value to this long term challenge.

The idea
Use the special skills of people on the Autistic spectrum to protect and preserve the local and regional environment.

The goal
The goal is to provide a pathway towards careers in land management and environmental stewardship. One of the core skills being taught is to be able to conduct aerial land surveys that can monitor changes in the landscape over time.

The solution
Roim Rachok partners with the Israeli army and JNF Australia to create a long term program of 3 main stages: TRAINING, GAINING EXPERIENCE, WORKING

TRAINING – Roim Rachok program sorts and trains the autistic high school graduates as Photo Analysts, and Information Specialists.

GAINING EXPERIENCE – Roim Rachok graduates serve in the IDF as Aerial Photo Analysts and Information Specialists. They serve in army units where their unique capabilities are channelled into skillsets of added-value to the IDF, which prepares them for the last stage.

WORKING- After gaining experience in the army, Roim Rachok participants can start working in environmental institutes and centres as Aerial Photo Analysts and Information Specialists. The professional experience with academic studies will enable the Roim Rachok graduate to become a skillful motivated environmental guardian worker.

The vision
To build and run an environmental information centre, utilising the skillful and unique capabilities of Roim Rachok Graduates to guard the regional and local environment for generations to come. The centre will become a bridge for peace with Israel’s neighbours.

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