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Growing against the odds
Naveh is a remote community located in the western Negev Halutzah Region and is precariously positioned on the border with Egypt and Gaza.

Just a few years ago, Naveh was nothing more than sand dunes. But today it is home to 110 families – including over 600 children.

Naveh is heavily reliant on agriculture for survival, and is a vital source of income for many families. However, like other remote communities in the south, Naveh has limited access to renewable sources of water for irrigation. Water is therefore a significant cost to the community – a cost that severely limits its ability to expand.

Developing the South – one community at a time
JNF Australia is funding a range of projects in communities like Naveh, helping to transform them into independent, thriving centres.

This project is part of our long-term commitment to developing the South, recognising the vital role of the entire Negev region in securing Israel’s long term future,

A new pipeline. A new lifeline.
More than 70% of irrigation in Halutzah is reliant on recycled water from the Shafdan, the world’s largest wastewater treatment plant. Unfortunately, pipes from the Shafdan currently only extend to a few fields in Naveh.

With your help, JNF Australia plans to extend and connect the remaining areas of Naveh, thereby providing a new source of water for irrigation at a significantly lower cost.

The future is bright in Naveh
Extending and connecting the Shafdan pipes across Naveh will provide an economic lifeline for its people. It will help grow the region’s agricultural industry, which in turn, will create new jobs and attract more families to the community.

Together, we can bring life to the desert and turn a dream into reality.

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