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Kibbutz Dorot

Situated close to the Gaza border, Kibbutz Dorot is home to over 1000 residents who enjoy a close communal lifestyle.

Like many communities in the South, it’s existence provides vital security to Israel’s borders.

To be sustainable, the Kibbutz needs to grow by attracting young families. However, new homes for these families require an expanded water treatment solution to relieve the strain on fresh water supplies

This campaign is dedicated to creating a new water system, where by recycled wastewater will be used to irrigate Dorot’s fields. This will allow the Kibbutz to expand their agricultural industry, increase job opportunities, free up the supply of fresh water and encourage the arrival of new members

Supporting Kibbutz Dorot is part of our commitment to supporting Israel’s South and fulfilling our vision to strengthen communities in the Negev. A vision that will help secure a viable and sustainable future for all of Israel.

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