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A place for children to enjoy nature and take respite from emotional and physical illness.

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Opened in 2011, Jordan River Village is a unique retreat for children, living with serious medical conditions. Located in the Lower Galilee, the village spans 60 acres and boasts beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Existing facilities include a sports park, petting zoo, swimming pool, horse riding and a world class medical centre.

The Jordan River Village is a place where children from all backgrounds can meet to share a similar experience, helping them build strength through solidarity and giving them a real boost when they need it most.

What’s more, the village provides families with much needed respite and an opportunity for parents and their other children to catch up on precious normality.

Every child loves the outdoors
Jordan River Village provides important outdoor experiences for children, at no cost to their families. The village is run by a team of professional staff and dedicated volunteers, giving up their time to provide a warm and loving environment.

For the children who attend The Jordan River Village, celebrating nature and the outdoors is even more important.

JNF is proud to partner with Jordan River Village to create a new Environmental Science Garden. This peaceful garden will teach children about environmental science in an interactive, fun way.

The positive power of nature
Caring for children with illness goes beyond just treatment and medication. We believe in the power of positive thinking and the power of nature to help build hope and resilience.

The new Science Garden will be so much more than just a natural wonderland. They will become a place to escape, a welcome relief from the everyday stresses of living with a severe illness.

Courage and Optimism

Jordan River Village is a place where children can leave their illnesses at the door and just be kids again.

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