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Since its founding in 2005, Jobkatif has been working with sidelined population groups, honing a strategy to successfully integrate them into the workplace.

Achotenu – Ethiopian-Israeli Nurses Training Program

One out of every two Ethiopian-Israeli families live under the line of poverty, most adults work in low paying jobs and low socio-economic status is passed on from one generation to the next.

JobKatif considered what kind of program would address both their career aspirations while guaranteeing upwardly mobile employment opportunities, thereby catapulting the community towards financial independence. After field research indicated a strong interest in nursing, Achotenu – a nurses training program – was launched.

Achotenu provides personalised mentoring, individualised academic assistance, liaises among all the partners to resolve issues and provides extensive financial aid. Achotenu is the only program for Ethiopian-Israelis that has worked to develop culturally fair admission criteria, which will open the door for higher education for this sector.

In addition to helping to fulfill Israel’s dire shortage of nurses, thereby guaranteeing employment for graduates, these nursing professionals will serve as role models whose success will ripple throughout their families, communities and society.

Ta’asuChayil-Employment for Economically Challenged IDF Soldiers

JobKatif launched another employment-based program to enable economically distressed IDF soldiers change the vector of their future.

Ta’asuchayil works hand in hand with the IDF to create employment opportunities for these soldiers. As these soldiers near discharge, Ta’asuChayil will individually counsel them on how best to frame and implement achievable employment aspirations to help them break the cycle of poverty that has chained their families from one generation to another.

Jobkatif has proven that creative, innovative solutions to unemployment among disadvantaged, economically-deprived population groups can break the ceiling of poverty not solely for individuals, but can serve as a paradigm for the communities and impact Israeli society as a whole.

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