Project Description

The Arazim Valley Park is part of the Jerusalem Ring, Just north of the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway, near the Motsa interchange, the metropolitan park being developed by KKL-JNF and the Jerusalem Municipality on the western outskirts of the city.

The ecological restoration and preparation for opening the park to visitors included rehabilitating part of the Nahal Sorek flow channel, a bicycle path along the stream, with scenic lookouts and resting points and developing a recreation area with picnic and sports facilities for the whole family. the park creates a green ring that connects Jerusalem to the hills surrounding it.

  • To create a large and varied park that will become a magnet for people of all backgrounds and age groups.
  • To encourage environmental awareness and interest in natural and human heritage.
  • To enhance a healthy and active lifestyle for the twenty-first century residents of Israel’s capital.

The Arazim Valley Park includes some of the most impressive natural beauty in the Jerusalem Ring, Jerusalem’s metropolitan park. KKL-JNF is working together with the Jerusalem Municipality to develop the diverse natural features of the park. The main entrances to the park will be situated near the Motsa and Golda interchanges on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway. The area between the Crusader fortress in the east and the opening of Nahal Halilim into the valley, near the Telem springs isl being developed to include a family bicycle trail, with scenic lookouts along the route, and an active recreation facility and seating area facing the scenery.

The dry streambed flow channel is being rehabilitated, which will allow visitors to enjoy winter floods, and existing plant life is being tended and maintained. In the future new plantings of native broad-leaved species and fruit trees will be added. In addition educational activity and public events are planned for residents of the area and visitors

By contributing to the development of Arazim Valley Park you are providing Jerusalem residents, and the many visitors to the eternal city, with state-of-the-art recreational facilities. Your donation will help attract residents from all sections of Jerusalem’s population – religious and secular, Jewish and Arab, young and old – as well as visitors from all of Israel and around the world. Spending time together in this beautiful setting will contribute to bridging gaps and differences, providing hours of enjoyment for all visitors.

Rationale The Jewish sources tell us: “Ten measures of beauty descended to the world, nine were taken by Jerusalem”. This beautiful city, home to Israel’s leading governmental and cultural institutions, has, over the years grown into a multicultural metropolis with a diverse population. A growing city has growing needs, particularly regarding open spaces for leisure and recreation. For Jerusalem residents open areas around the city are a major environmental resource, enhancing the quality of life and limiting urban sprawl.

The Jerusalem Ring will provide playgrounds and active leisure areas for families and children from the surrounding neighbourhoods and throughout the city. Its location provides the ideal setting for a park offering diverse recreational opportunities for all. The park will extend over some 1500 hectares (3700 acres), surrounding the capital on three sides and preserve natural and cultural heritage, offering a variety of leisure and recreation opportunities.