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This Pesach, help create an outdoor wonderland in the heart of the Negev.

Kibbutz Telalim is located 30 minutes for Be’er Sheva and has about 430 residents. Telalim has a welcoming spirit and is always open to new people and ideas. Its residents enjoy ruch cultural activities, diverse special events and 100 new young families join every year.

Unfortunately, public facilities have not kept pace with population growth. There are no dedicated outdoor playing or recreational areas for the young residents of the kibbutz. A public park is desperately needed to provide a place where they can play outdoors.

This Pesach Blue Box Campaign is dedicated to creating an outdoor wonderland. Telalim Park will be centrally located with a natural amphitheatre, areas for toddlers and small children with shading and soft walking surfaces. There will be a central area for older children, a sitting area and an underground walkway that will connect to a new community centre. Your help will convert what is currently a dusty open space into a true wonderland.

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