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Embracing the mitzvah of Pesach where we leave a place at the table for a stranger or someone in need, Leket Israel rescues food and places it on the tables of strangers and those in need in Israel

Established in 2003 by Joseph Gitler, Leket Israel collects excess fresh food from farms, hotels, catering companies and military bases and distributes it to 175 000 people across the country, including immigrants, Holocaust survivors, children, single parent families, those with disabilities, the elderly, youth at risk, and growing numbers of working poor across Israel.

Through Leket Israel over 55,000 volunteers annually participate in a range of activities including the harvesting of fruits and vegetables in Israeli fields and orchards, rescuing surplus meals from catering establishments, and packing food at its warehouses.

Leket raises awareness of the issues of food waste and the environment, promotes the importance of communal responsibility through volunteering.

Through this year’s Pesach Blue Box Campaign, JNF will partner with Leket Israel to continue to fund their work in rescuing significant amounts of healthy excess food that is otherwise destroyed by the food industry.

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