Project Description

Australia Education Gallery at the Steinhardt Museum Tel Aviv University

The first of its kind in Israel and the Middle East, the Museum is a priceless national treasure with over five million specimens of animals and plants that tell the story of the Middle East over the past 1.5 million years.

The Museum plays a key role in promoting the management, sustainable use and conservation of natural ecosystems in Israel and worldwide. It communicates to the public the beauty, complexity and importance of nature while advancing zoological, anthropological and ecological research. The Museum houses cutting-edge research labs as well as state-of-the-art exhibits on all aspects of natural history.

The Australia Educational Gallery dedicated to Eva & Les Erdi OAM


The Educational Gallery is situated on the second floor of the Museum, in the heart of the visitor experience. The Gallery is expected to be a buzzing hub of scientific education and enrichment. It hosts activities that offer a unique experience combining artefacts, hands-on exploration and a fascinating teaching component.

Your donations kindly supported the establishment of the Australia Gallery dedicated to Eva & Les Erdi OAM at Israel’s new National History Museum.