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ANZAC Museum in Beersheba: Commemorating Heroism


ANZAC Museum in Beersheba: Commemorating Heroism

As the sun rose over Beersheba on 31 October 1917, a surprise awaited the Turkish forces.

The Australian and New Zealand mounted infantry were prepared for battle. The combat dragged out the entire day. In the evening, as the setting sun reddened the sky, the troops mounted a cavalry charge, galloped into Beersheba, and captured the Turkish positions.

The Municipality of Beersheba is constructing the ANZAC Museum adjacent to the Commonwealth War Cemetery, to recognise the ANZAC legacy and their activities during the First World War.

The uniqueness of the venue will highlight the tremendous importance the City attaches to these brave fighters and their role in liberating Beersheba and the region from the Ottomans.

It is being established in cooperation with the Jewish National Fund of Australia (JNF), Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael (JNF – Israel), the Australian Government and the Beersheba Municipality.

The ANZAC Trail
The ANZAC Museum will be the highlight of the ANZAC Trail, which commemorates the route taken by the mounted infantry on their journey to capture Beersheba.

Courtyard Entrance
ANZAC horsemen will accompany the visitors to the museum entrance with an introduction to their story, where they came from and the key moves that occurred prior to the attacks on Gaza. This will be an open area to be seen and visited even when the museum is closed.

Main Exhibit
Visitors will “join” the ANZACs for a re-enactment of their recruitment, soldier training, meeting with their commander and receipt of their military ID. Each visitor will receive a description of a different soldier. Through the soldiers’ personal stories, visitors will identify with them and their daily challenges, leading up to the final charge.

“Enter the Bunker”
A multi-media presentation will portray the feelings of the soldiers, the sounds of war, and the dilemmas that faced them. It will show the campaigns on Gaza and the thoughts of the young soldiers and officers, all of which lead to the decision to attack Beersheba from the southeast. The presentation will conclude with the courageous cavalry charge on Beersheba, the victory and its aftermath.

Lest We Forget
The visit concludes by entering the upper terrace where a view of the Commonwealth War Cemetery will be revealed. Visitors will then descend down the outer ramp towards the cemetery for quiet reflection and remembrance.

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