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Chaim BePlus is an Israeli not for profit organisation that intends to obviate the problem of financial ignorance amongst its citizens by providing courses in personal financial management to youth aged 17-21, especially in economically disadvantaged populations. The philosophy of Chaim BePlus is to address poverty through the provision of life skills.

More than half of Israelis eventually enter into a negative bank balance and sink into debt over their lives and do not have the knowledge or tools to escape this hardship. Many countries around the world have identified financial ignorance amongst their citizens, and have begun to integrate financial education classes into their education system especially in high schools. In Israel, however, high school students do not receive such tools for understanding practical finance within the state education system – and appear destined for this preventable financial future.

Your donations will enable:

  • the development and use of highly interactive up-to-the-minute learning materials, both printed and digital
  • the training of talented college students with outstanding communication and leadership qualities to become financial mentors
  • teaching courses to groups of ten participants, complemented by personal coaching through phone and WhatsApp
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