Israel’s South


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A vulnerable yet determined community

Less than one kilometre from the […]

Derech Eretz


Social-educational and leadership programs

Merchav Am


Entranceway Smart Fencing Project

ANZAC Museum


ANZAC Museum in Beersheba: Commemorating Heroism

Kibbutz Dorot


Supporting Kibbutz Dorot is part of our commitment to supporting Israel’s South

Kibbutz Nahal Oz ‘Guardians of the South’- Water Solution


JNF is helping to redevelop the water management system.

Eliav- A pioneering border community embracing co-existence

A Green Environment for a Community with a Bright Future.

Kibbutz Zikim Visitor Centre, Lookout Station and Ecological Facility

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Helping to create an ecological visitor centre that will encourage eco-tourism.