National Board

National Office Staff

Dan Springer – Chief Executive Officer
Len Mahemoff – Planned Giving Consultant
Gary Levine – Chief Financial Officer
Ray Chaitow – General Manager Finance
Etty Ayalon – National Executive Assistant

New South Wales Staff

Justine Williams – Executive Director
Yossi Eshed – Jerusalem Emissary (Shaliach)
Yigal Nisell – Education Shaliach
Len Mahemoff – Planned Giving Manager
Romy Dinte – Planned Giving Manager
Michal Rundstein – Database Administrator
Salome Woods – Blue Box Coordinator
Robyn Chester – Administration Coordinator
Simone Rapeport – Administration Coordinator

Victorian Staff

Ilana Maizels – Executive Director
David Beder – General Manager Finance and Operations
Jackie Chait – Legacy Manager
Tammy Cohen – Campaign Manager & National Administrator – Educators Tour
Sara Smulevich – Executive Assistant
Renee Santin – Systems Services Coordinator
Ariella Birnbaum – Events, Marketing and Communications Manager
Eldad Shoham – Education Officer

Western Australian Staff

Esther Wende – Office Manager
Nikki Leib – Donor Relations Manager
Beverley Joselowsky – Planned Giving Manager

South Australian Staff

Jackie Franco – Office Support

Queensland Staff

Emily Tattam – Office Manager