Telalim Park

Help create an outdoor wonderland


, ,

A vulnerable yet determined community


The project brings the lone soldiers and the “lone” holocaust survivors together


Atidim strives to bridge the socioeconomic gaps

Roim Rachok

Students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder graduate high school


Innovative solutions to unemployment

Kids Kicking Cancer

To empower children beyond the pain and discomfort of their disease


Israel’s Discharged Lone Immigrant Soldiers

Chaim BePlus

Address poverty through the provision of life skills.


Emergency Fire Prevention Plan


Oranim Sustainability Education Scholarship This

Leket Israel

Israel’s largest food bank


Youth environmental education program

Yad L’isha Centre & Hotline

In support of women caught in abusive marriages

Atachlit Beta Israel Village

JNF is helping Ethiopian Jews find their roots


Classes in Environmental Studies

ANZAC Museum


ANZAC Museum in Beersheba: Commemorating Heroism

Kibbutz Dorot


Supporting Kibbutz Dorot is part of our commitment to supporting Israel’s South

HaBayit shel Benji

JNF plans to establish a Garden – a peaceful haven for lone soldiers to relax



JNF plans to restore the Vatikim River Reserve from its highly neglected state

The Jordan River Village

A place for children to enjoy nature and take respite from emotional and physical illness.

Naveh – Transforming the Negev

Forging a future for communities in Israel’s South


Rehabilitation and Integration

Israel Ride


promotes innovative environmental protection

The ANZAC Trail- Commemorating the route of the ANZACS


JNF is preserving the history of the ANZACS for generations to come.

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens Scholarship Program


Facilitating collaboration between professionals from Israel and Australia.