JNF Australia supports clearly defined projects in Israel, covering areas such as community development, water solutions, environmental R&D, agritech and the provision of parks and recreational areas all over the country. JNF also supports a wide range of public benevolent projects, assisting special needs, economically challenged and other disadvantaged communities, with a particular focus on the country’s periphery.

JNF Australia works with many partners all over Israel in order to implement its vital projects.

Kfar Aza

Landscaping, irrigating and upgrading one of Israel’s most vulnerable communities

Ach Gadol

Providing invaluable one-on-one support for lone IDF soldiers in Israel

The Jordan River Village

A place for children to take respite from physical and mental illness


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A safe place for play and leisure for this Gaza border community


An extraordinary kibbutz for adults with special needs

Roim Rachok

Providing young adults on the Autism Spectrum an opportunity to serve in the IDF


Bridging the socioeconomic gaps between Israel’s periphery and its centre


Granting wishes for critically ill children living in the South of Israel


Bringing lone soldiers and “lone” holocaust survivors together

Merchav Am


A new community in the heart of the Negev

Rape Crisis Centres (RCCs)

Providing support and advocacy for victims of sexual abuse

Our Siblings

Providing support for bereaved siblings of soldiers

Haverim Le’Refuah

Collecting and redistributing unused medicine to those in need

Yedidim for At-Risk Youth

Educating teenagers at risk and in distress across Israel

Hagal Sheli

Providing at-risk-youth the chance to create meaningful and successful lives

Telalim Park

Providing recreational areas for children and their families to enjoy

Kids Kicking Cancer

To empower children beyond the pain and discomfort of their disease

Hod to Success


Aims to break the cycle of poverty within the Ethiopian community

Encounters on the Israel Trail

Hiking in remembrance of people lost to the call of duty or terrorism

Ten Gav – Project BOOST

Providing ongoing support for at risk youth in Israel

Yad Ezra

Providing the tools for families to break out of the cycle of poverty

Naveh – Transforming the Negev

Extending and connecting the water pipes across Naveh

Fire Appeal

Restoring forests and green areas in Gaza Border Communities

Neve Michael Children’s Village

A safe haven for children who have been affected by extreme traumatic circumstances.

Yad Sarah Hospitality Center

Provides accommodation for families to stay so they can care for their sick relatives

Lemonade Fund

Helping to ease the financial burdens of breast cancer patients and focus on recovery

Derech Eretz


Social-educational and leadership programs

The Malki Foundation

Empowering families of children with severe disabilities


Allows children of all backgrounds to experience the joy of cycling

Atachlit Beta Israel Village

Helping Ethiopian Jews find their roots

Leket Israel

Israel’s largest food bank and expert in food rescue


Youth environmental education program

Shurat HaDin

Legal Aid for Terror Victims and their families

Yozmot Atid

Enabling underprivileged women to reach economic independence through business mentoring

Rett Syndrome Foundation

Coordinate all needs associated with this severe neurological disorder

Zichron Menachem

Mobile Medical Clinic for children with cancer

Sderot Therapeutic Garden


Free medical and rehabilitation centre for the residents of Sderot

Nirim Mentoring Program

Providing emotional support for children in critical situations

Kibbutz Zikim

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Ecological Visitor Centre & Lookout Station that will encourage eco-tourism

Oranim Scholarship

A three-week international teaching practicum focusing on sustainability education


Providing IDF soldiers with the tools they need to cope with the challenges of military service

Chaim BePlus

Address poverty through the provision of life skills and financial management courses


Proving discharged soldiers with a direct path to higher education and career in high tech/industry


Classroom learning, field trips and projects focused on ecology, sustainability & environment

HaBayit shel Benji

Israel’s only purpose built home for lone combat soldiers


Innovative solutions to unemployment

Yad L’isha Centre & Hotline

Supporting women caught in abusive marriages

HaYogev – The Israeli Farmer

Empowering young people to work in agriculture

JBG Education Scholarship


Collaboration between Israel & Australia in horticulture

The ANZAC Trail


Preserving the history of the ANZACS for generations to come

Shmita Environmental Park

Explaining shmita values in the beautiful ecology of the park


Rehabilitation & integration for people dealing with mental illness



Restoring the Vatikim River Reserve from its highly neglected state