Life Saving Trees
KKL-JNF is currently completing a special series of tree-plantings along roads and around communities adjacent to the border with the Gaza Strip. These trees will provide a protective green barrier that will prevent local residents from being observed and shot at from the other side of the border. And, of course, apart from their security advantages, the trees also contribute to the local greenery and help Israel’s honey-bee economy.

KKL-JNF Creating a better tomorrow – 2016
Watch how KKL-JNF creates a greener tomorrow for Israel and around the world, with it’s ground-breaking technologies in recycling water, combating desertification, afforestation, agriculture, and more!

EXPO – Creating A Better World Together
KKL-JNF advances a sustainable Israel, capable of meeting the world’s challenges: dwindling agricultural land, combating desertification and climate change. KKL-JNF promotes solutions that can feed the world sustainably, using renewable resources and little water. From its very beginning, KKL-JNF led an unprecedented forestry project, which transformed a desolate land into a marvelous green country. 

KKL- JNF in Numbers
A round-up of KKL-JNF’s achievements in the Land of Israel in numbers, over the past 113 years

A Journey around Israel
A glimpse of KKL-JNF’s work in the fields of community development, social cohesion, security on the Gaza border, agriculture, sustainability, eco/agri-tourism, renewable energy and food security.

Innovative Agriculture and Eco-Agri Tourism in the Arava
A brief glimpse of some of KKL-JNF’s special projects in innovative agriculture and eco-agri tourism in Israel’s Arava desert region, established with the support of its Friends worldwide.

KKL- JNF Creating A Better Tomorrow
KKL-JNF – For a Sustainable Future for Israel

Supporting Communities Living near the Gaza Border
Meeting communities living near Israel’s border with Gaza, and getting to know some of KKL-JNF’s special projects which support them during times of war and peace. These projects are supported by KKL-JNF’s Friends worldwide.

Bringing Back the Blue Box
KKL-JNF in 60 seconds: What is blue, rectangular, and begins with ‘B’?

KKL-JNF Youth and Education for Eco-Zionism and Leadership
The Education and Youth Division of KKL-JNF imbues children and youth in Israel and around the world with a love of Israel, the land and the environment. Through educational activities and programs in Eco-Zionsim, KKL-JNF builds the leaders of tomorrow.

Australian and Israeli Teenagers Meet in Merhav Am
About 40 students from the Carmel School in Perth, Australia, toured the Negev. In Merhav Am, a rural town whose development is supported by JNF Australia, they met local teenagers who are also making the desert bloom in their own way.

KKL CAMPAIGN: Blue, Green and Brown

KKL-JNF 110 Years of Green Action

The Search for King David’s Wine An evening of Biblical discoveries
On October 18th 2015 the event “The search for King David’s wine”, in cooperation with the Israel Ministry of Tourism, took place. Approximately 120 people and dozens of journalists for daily newspapers and magazines attended the event.

Bird’s-eye view – Life in the Desert
KKL-JNF for people and the Environment in the Negev

JNF History
In Australia, the JNF undertakes extensive promotional campaigns to raise funds for the projects it undertakes and to increase community awareness of its work.
Important parts of this promotion are the special Zionist, ecological and other educational programs designed to ensure JNF continuity into the future and to promote environmental awareness in the Australian community.

JNF Boxes

From nuisance to resource
JNF rehabilitation of the hazards of the human environment, according to the colors – green: forestry and tree planting, creating green spaces for Leisure and Recreation, Blue: Water Reclamation and Brown: Land and Agriculture.

Shmita in Action in KKL-JNF Nurseries and Forests
The bible commands us to let the land rest every seventh year. This video will show how the sabbatical year, or the shmita, is observed in KKL-JNF forests and nurseries.