JNF Australia bequestors make a difference for the generations to come by funding projects in:

  • Community development – we support some of Israel’s most vulnerable communities – often on the frontline of Israel’s borders
  • Forestry and environment – you know that JNF “means trees”. Now the focus is on continuing to grow and protect these forests, enrich biodiversity and sustain Israel’s natural environment into the future
  • Agriculture – around 60% of Israel’s fresh farm produce for export comes from the Arava, thanks in no small measure to the agricultural research and agricultural stations that operate with the support of JNF.
  • Water management and conservation – JNF has helped secure Israel’s future by working to increase its total water supply and become a world leader in water conservation and recycling
  • Research and development – JNF is a world leader in both technological and environmental innovation
  • Zionist Education and Advocacy – JNF provides vital opportunities for young Australian Jews to travel to and learn more about Israel and educational projects within Israel – supporting Jewish continuity in Australia and Israel
  • Tourism and Recreation – JNF creates picnic and recreation areas, scenic routes and roads, sport, cycling and fitness trails and preserves archaeological and heritage sites – for everyone in Israel to experience and enjoy