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A vulnerable yet determined community

Derech Eretz


Social-educational and leadership programs

Sderot Therapeutic Rehabilitation Garden


Free medical and rehabilitation centre for the residents of Sderot

ANZAC Museum


ANZAC Museum in Beersheba: Commemorating Heroism

Kibbutz Dorot

Supporting Kibbutz Dorot is part of our commitment to supporting Israel’s South

Eliav- A pioneering border community embracing co-existence

A Green Environment for a Community with a Bright Future.

The ANZAC Trail- Commemorating the route of the ANZACS


JNF is preserving the history of the ANZACS for generations to come.

The Arava Desert Studies Centre inspiring the next generation of scientists


It will be in the Negev that the capabilities of Jewish scientists and researchers will be tested.

The Naveh Academy Environmental Garden


Barren desert soil is being transformed into a living green community.

Clean Water for Bror Hayil- Ma’alot 360 Project


A pipeline for wastewater and an upgraded pumping system are now complete.

Da’at School at Kibbutz Sa’ad Ecological Landscaping


JNF are creating an outdoor environmental learning area suitable to the desert region

Sha’ar Hanegev Water Reclamation


JNF has established a system for recycling water for three kibbutzim in the western Negev

Arava Environmental Learning Centre


The Centre is suitable for everyone, from gifted students to those children with special needs.