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Thanks to all of you who responded so quickly when Israel called, during the terrible outbreak of fires across the country.

Almost 10,000 acres of forests were devastated, 75,000 residents evacuated, 2,500 firefighters deployed, thousands of homes destroyed.  JNF is proud to have played a major role in helping to extinguish the fires, deploying firefighters, JNF fire trucks and volunteers.

The fires are out but the damage, both emotional and physical, is huge.

Our 2017 Green Sunday Campaign coincides with Tu B’shvat and is dedicated to restoring the forest areas and rebuilding the lives of the families and communities so deeply affected.

Funds raised will be used to purchase much needed flame resistant clothing and equipment, which will protect firefighters as they protect Israel’s forests, people and their homes.

JNF will also begin the extensive and long term process of restoring the damaged areas including selective planting, forest rehabilitation that encourages natural renewal, installing firebreaks and service roads and repairing terraces, picnic sites and recreational areas.

Please join us and donate now.

Donate Now