The Battle of Beersheba was one of the most famous horse mounted battles of all time. JNF exhibition marks the Centenary and showcases the ANZAC trail in southern Israel, tracing the footsteps of the Australian Light Horse leading up to the battle.

On October 31st 1917 the Australian Light Horse Brigade overran Turkish defensive positions in Beersheba and liberated the city from the Turkish occupation.
The Jewish National Fund of Australia, the custodians of the ANZAC Trail, bring the story of the battle to life with the display of original diaries, maps and photographs belonging to Trooper Ernest Paul of the 12th Australian Light Horse Regiment.

The exhibition is supported by the Australian Light Horse Association, the families of Troopers Ernest Paul and P.L. Townsend a generous grant from the Commemorations Branch, Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Epping Sub- Branch.
Sydney Jewish Museum
148 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Opening Hours:
Sunday-Thursday 10:00am – 4pm

  • Charles Aronson, Margaret and George Foster
  • Roma Shell and Nicole DeVries
  • Gloria and Peter Allen, Anna Berger
  • Yossi Eshed and Peter Smaller
  • Paul and Bernice Unicomb
  • Ken Corke, Peter Smaller and Barry Rogers OAM
  • Pauline Shavit, Anne Slade and Rita Prager
  • Allan and Maria Lotfizadeh
  • Maxine and Jim Carlill, Rony Yosef
  • Margaret McCartney, John Paul and Ken McCartney
  • Shannon Biederman, Tony James and Hazel Baker
  • Pam Krail, Norman Seligman and Shannon Biederman
  • Garry, Oliver, Angela and Nicholas Schaffer
  • Eli and David Adler, Peter Philippsohn OAM
  • Inbar Keren, Mark and Etty Ayalon
  • Barry Rogers OAM, Etty Ayalon and Ken Corke
  • Aviva Wolff, Sandy Hollis, Steve Denenberg and David Langley
  • Yossi Eshed, Peter Hallis and Peter Philippsohn OAM
  • Len Mahemoff, Edna Shavit and Allan Slade
  • Ruth Lilian, Lesley Barold
  • Helene Cadry and Maxine Carlill
  • Evelyn Royal and Pam Krail
  • Michael Fisher, Marian Freedman, David and Anna Rosenwax, Peter Allen
  • Ernie Friedlander OAM and Lea Friedlander
  • Yvonne and Peter Hallis
  • Gideon Shavit, John Roth and Norman Seligman
  • Norman Seligman
  • Norman Seligman
  • Charles Aronson
  • Ken Corke
  • Ken Corke
  • Ken Corke
  • Ken Corke
  • Ken Corke
  • Dan Springer
  • Charles Aronson and Dan Springer
  • Etty Ayalon and Dan Springer
  • Anna Berger and Dan Springer
  • Shannon Biederman and Dan Springer
  • Robert Swieca and Dan Springer
  • Ken Corke and Peter Allen
  • Ken Corke and Peter Allen
  • The Rev. Hon. Fred Nile MLC and Dan Springer
  • Sophie Deutsch, Henry Benjamin and Pam Krail
  • John Roth, John Robinson and Leann Meiers
  • Robert Unicomb and family
  • Pauline Shavit and Peter Smaller
  • Robert Unicomb
  • Norman Seligman, Eliza Bullivant and Daniel Soria
  • Aviva Wolff and Etty Ayalon
  • Robert Unicomb and Dan Springer
  • Robert Unicomb, Norman Seligman, Eliza Bullivant, Dan Springer and Peter Smaller
  • Robert Unicomb, Norman Seligman, Eliza Bullivant, Dan Springer and Peter Smaller
  • Robert Unicomb, Etty Ayalon and Dan Springer