JNFuture: Generation Chai

JNFuture presents Generation Chai, a project designed to have young people supporting young people and inspire a new generation of giving. 

In 2021, JNFuture is partnering with Roim Rachok. This organisation supports and trains young Israeli adults on the autism spectrum with the skills necessary in serving their country as part of the IDF and life after. As suggested by the programs name, translating to ‘looking ahead’, Roim Rachok works to provide a sense of belonging and purpose for our vulnerable brothers and sisters in Israel.

With the support of the young adults of Australia’s Jewish community, Gen Chai aims to fund a new program at Roim Rachok designed to support young adults with Autism post-IDF service by developing skills essential for life and the workforce.

Together, through a small monthly donation, of $18 a month for six months, we can make a significant impact on the lives of our Israeli brothers and sisters on the autism spectrum.

Together with 500 young adults, we can support a whole cohort of young Israelis on the spectrum in finding purpose, independence and success. 

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