Adam Adama

The “Adam/Adama” project features a combination of frontal classroom learning, field trips and projects throughout the area which teach students various aspects of ecology, sustainability, and the environment.

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JNF is proud to be partnering with Haboydem, a unique second hand clothing store, which was established in July 2014. A social venture of the “Non-Profit Organisation for Rehabilitation and Integration”.


Hod to Success

The Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel is one of the lowest socio-economic groups in the country. Low levels of formal education in the Ethiopian community have led to high rates of unemployment and crime, juvenile delinquency and a vicious cycle of poverty. ‘Hod to Success’ seeks to empower Ethiopian children and young adults in Israel by providing them with the tools to make a difference in their own lives and those of their families. It does so through a unique holistic family centered approach and by focusing on education and the attainment of skills

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