Hod to Success

The Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel is one of the lowest socio-economic groups in the country. Low levels of formal education in the Ethiopian community have led to high rates of unemployment and crime, juvenile delinquency and a vicious cycle of poverty. ‘Hod to Success’ seeks to empower Ethiopian children and young adults in Israel by providing them with the tools to make a difference in their own lives and those of their families. It does so through a unique holistic family centered approach and by focusing on education and the attainment of skills

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Kishorit is an extraordinary kibbutz in the Galilee for 171 adults with special needs. Kishorit offers members a full life including employment, leisure time activities, opportunities for integration into the broader community, private, dignified living quarters, medical supervision and nursing care for senior citizens.


HaBayit shel Benji

Habayit shel Benji, (Benji’s Home) is Israel’s only purpose built home for lone combat soldiers. Located in Ra’anana, HaBayit shel Benji, named after Major Benji Hillman, killed in battle in the Second Lebanon War, 3 weeks after his wedding, provides pleasant and spacious accommodation for 75 lone combat soldiers for the entire length of their service.

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