Ordinary Australians can do extraordinary things

In their lifetime they loved Israel and the Jewish people – that bond continues through their bequest to the JNF

Why make a gift in your will to the JNF?

We know that the continued well-being of the Jewish people and the land of Israel is vital to you.

One of the most significant ways that you can show your support for Israel is to leave a gift in your will to the Keren Kayemeth Leisrael  (Jewish National Fund) represented in Australia by the JNF Australia Inc.

All funds received by JNF Australia go directly to Israel specifically to support projects designed to enhance Israel’s beauty and environment and respond to the needs of the local community.  In this way your gift is both meaningful and effective in strengthening the land and people of Israel.

What does the JNF do? 

The JNF was established over 100 years ago to create the groundwork for the State of Israel by buying land and transforming the desert into lush tracts of forest.  We still plant trees and create beautiful parks for everyone in Israel to enjoy but now, with your help, we are able to do so much more.

Make a Difference

JNF Australia bequestors make a difference for the generations to come by funding projects in:

  • Community development – we support some of Israel’s most vulnerable communities – often on the frontline of Israel’s borders
  • Forestry and environment – you know that JNF “means trees”. Now the focus is on continuing to grow and protect these forests, enrich biodiversity and sustain Israel’s natural environment into the future
  • Agriculture – around 60% of Israel’s fresh farm produce for export comes from the Arava, thanks in no small measure to the agricultural research and agricultural stations that operate with the support of JNF.
  • Water management and conservation – JNF has helped secure Israel’s future by working to increase its total water supply and become a world leader in water conservation and recycling
  • Research and development – JNF is a world leader in both technological and environmental innovation
  • Zionist Education and Advocacy – JNF provides vital opportunities for young Australian Jews to travel to and learn more about Israel and educational projects within Israel – supporting Jewish continuity in Australia and Israel
  • Tourism and Recreation – JNF creates picnic and recreation areas, scenic routes and roads, sport, cycling and fitness trails and preserves archaeological and heritage sites – for everyone in Israel to experience and enjoy

How Can I Help?

JNF welcomes bequest gifts of any amount or nature.   Once you have made provision for your family and friends we ask that you consider helping to ensure the continued strength of the people and land of Israel by making a gift in your will to the JNF.

If you are considering leaving a bequest to JNF we invite you to contact

NSW/SA/QLD/ACT – contact Romy Dinte romy@jnf.org.au or Len Mahemoff  lenm@jnf.org.au (02) 9386 9559

VIC – contact Jackie Chait (03) 9272 5666 jackiec@jnf.org.au

WA – contact Nikki Leib on (08) 9275 2761 or NikkiL@jnf.org.au

to discuss the best way to achieve your wishes.   We can also provide information about different ways to structure your bequest so that it is tax effective.

How to Make A Bequest to the JNF

Your assets and funds are referred to as your “estate”.  Once you pass away your will appoints one or more  persons  (for example, a family member, solicitor or trustee company) to make sure that the provisions of your will are carried out. This person is called your  “Executor”.

Wills are generally written to provide first for the payment of debts, costs and expenses and then any specific gifts  The remaining assets in the estate are known as the “Residue”.

You may decide to make a gift of a fixed amount to the JNF, a gift of the whole or part of the Residue,  the proceeds of a life insurance policy or superannuation death benefit or a particular asset or item of value such as real estate, shares, bonds, managed funds or a work of art, a collection or other valuables.

The Bequest should be made to:

KEREN KAYEMETH LEISRAEL, JERUSALEM ISRAEL (also known as the JEWISH NATIONAL FUND), represented in Australia by THE JEWISH NATIONAL FUND OF AUSTRALIA INC. (ABN 32 108 796 878) Suite 1402, Westfield Tower 2, Corner Grafton and Grosvenor Streets, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022

Our Promise to You

Kaddish Said for You in Perpetuity In Jerusalem

JNF is proud to honour the memory of our bequestors (of gifts over $5000) by arranging to have Kaddish said for them (en bloc) during the month of their Yahrzeit (anniversary of their Hebrew date of death) in the renowned President’s Synagogue in Jerusalem.

The name of each individual bequestor is displayed on the Synagogue’s Memorial Board during the month of their Yahrzeit.

Sharing your Generosity Here in Australia

It is our honour to publish each (Hebrew) month, in the Australian Jewish News (Melbourne and Sydney editions), the names of those who have made bequests to JNF whose Yahrzeit is remembered and observed that month.   In this way we tell the story of your generosity and commitment to Israel in the years to come.

In addition, each year during the High Holidays, we remember our benefactors by publishing their names in a special “Yizkor” advertisement in the Australian Jewish News.  By sharing your generosity, you inspire others.

Our Bequest Team

Our bequest team, coming from a legal background, are ideally placed to discuss the different ways you can arrange a bequest to the JNF.    Some may be tax effective or provide you with living expenses whilst satisfying your desire to support the JNF after you have gone.  All discussions are completely confidential.

NSW/SA/QLD/ACT – contact Romy Dinte romy@jnf.org.au or Len Mahemoff  lenm@jnf.org.au (02) 9386 9559

VIC – contact Jackie Chait (03) 9272 5666 jackiec@jnf.org.au

WA – contact Nikki Leib on (08) 9275 2761 or NikkiL@jnf.org.au