A variety of activities and educational programs

Jerusalem Ways
Educational and value-laden programs to familiarize students with Jerusalem
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Snakes and Ladders
A competitive game for yr 1 – yr 4 students. Dealing with nature, ecology and the environment.
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Parachute Activity
The students will be exposed to sites and attractions in Israel, that will connect them to JNF and its activities in a fun way
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Map of Israel
The participants will get to know Israel’s geography, with an emphasis about JNF and its activities. On the map are highlighted main cities, water resources, parks & forests
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A Single Tree
The participants will understand the importance of trees, forests and ecosystems. They will learn what an ecological footprint is, along with why and how it should be reduced.
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Israel Our Land
This Activity will present educators with basic knowledge about the Land of Israel, and about places and sites related to the biblical-historical stories.
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My People Our Land
This program is designed to provide educators with a flexible range of new, up to date materials on ancient and modern Israel and its renowned personalities.
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The Negev Case Study
The links of the Jewish people to the Negev from biblical times through history and modern time.
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The Pioneers Are Coming
This activity aims to have them learn about the difficulties faced by the first settlers of an arid area, and the difficulty of dealing with desert conditions throughout history until the present.
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Israel as an Inspiration for Water Conservation
Participants will become familiar with the water shortage situation in Israel and the JNF activities that deal with water issues in the country.
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The Declaration of Independence – Scroll (Megilah)
Participants will get to know the Independence Scroll, examine the text and learn what led to the Independence Declaration, who’s behind it and the emotional connection between it the people.
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A Birth of A Nation
Participants will get to know the events that lead to the Declaration of Independence, about the people who were involved in the process and will learn the significance of the Declaration even today.
Download ScrollA Birth of a nation |
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Golda Meir | Moshe Sharett | Otte WallishZeev Scherf | Spiral Brochur