Jerusalem Botanical Gardens Scholarship Program


The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens Scholarship Program is designed to further enhance horticultural knowledge and facilitate exchange & collaboration between professionals from both Israel and Australia for the mutual benefit of both countries.

Two outstanding candidates, Natalie Simmons and Trevor Seppings, were selected as the inaugural Australian Scholars and have now returned from a 6 month scholarship living in Jerusalem and working at The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens (JBG)

Natalie and Trevor worked alongside JBG staff, in real Mediterranean conditions. They experienced how plants from different parts of the world function in Jerusalem's Mediterranean climate.

They had access to some 200 Australian species which are growing successfully, in Mediterranean conditions, thousands of miles from home. One of the main general benefits of working at JBG is, of course, the exchange of information on subjects ranging from botany and gardening to irrigation and water conservation techniques and propagation.

Recruitment of the next Scholarship candidate(s) is underway and support of this worthy Project offers the opportunity to become privy to relevant progress reports and events.